SNOW! Well, at least a LITTLE!

Yesterday, as I looked outside, I wondered where the expression “green Christmas” came from….here is the Bristolwood, it was more like UGLY gray and BROWN! This was the view from the side of the house…… Even my little stream that cheerfully wanders in the front yard was looking pretty frumpy! Well, I guess in looking [...]

The Day After Christmas

Well, today is the day after Christmas and we still have no snow! Over at the mountain, the snow must have degraded quite a bit. There was no activity on Christmas Eve and the lights were out last night as well. We have lived here since 1992, and there has never been a year like [...]

Am I Brave, or What?

Ah, yes. Late yesterday afternoon, I did something I have not done in years and years! I braved the world of the SHOPPING MALL! Wow!!! OK, so I have been to the mall, but not three days before Christmas! I had several things to do before I could leave….I set Michelle up with the vaporizer. [...]

The First Day of Winter

The calendar proclaims (rather boldly) that today begins the first day of winter….the shortest day of the year, and the *coldest* weather? Today we are told we will be reaching into the 40′s. I do NOT live in the Carolinas for pity’s sake! Yesterday, as I was walking around the house, something caught my eye….the [...]

I’m Screaming for a White Chrsitmas!

Just like the ones I used to know……………. Well, I gave up crying and feeling badly about not having any snow. I haven’t mentioned it in DAYS! I tried to even FORGET about thinking about snow! But….as I passed the ski area tonight, I witnessed snow blowing about and people swishing along down the hill. [...]

No Need to Fear!

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to take the boys up to the woodpile…once again…to take some pictures of them wearing their snazzy new caps! HOWEVER, we started off AGAIN just like the last “photo shoot”! I just cannot BELIEVE these little *monsters* do this to me! I can hear them laughing…YOU look THAT way…and I’LL look [...]

A Rather Exciting Day!

This week has been kind of somber….I guess the death of my uncle touched us deeply. Also, being “home” really left a kind of melancholy feeling with me…I have always been happy where I am, but this past time, seeing all of my cousins and their families, made me feel a little homesick. This morning, [...]

Another Sad Manelick Gathering…

Yesterday, we made the drive to Pennsylvania to attend the funeral service for my Uncle Nick, who passed away last Saturday evening. Mark, the kids, the dogs, and I all made the trip this time and it was a beautiful day for traveling. There was no precipitation and the roads were clear the whole way [...]

A Little Levity

Sometimes when things get so serious, I need to just “chill out”…I am pretty good at this, so I think I will give a little behind-the-scenes pictures of our little *photo shoot* with the Scotties yesterday. First of all, let me tell you, when those doggies saw the scarves coming, they were not happy. OK, [...]

Another Topsy-Turvy Day

Yesterday seems like a blur….we spent the day at Carly’s house, helping her mount her new Tappan microwave/ fan above her stove. Carly worked like a wild woman, Mark advising her along the way. She scrollsawed and hammered and wired and did all kinds of *stuff*. The net result is great, and we are happy [...]