Such a Strange Day Yesterday!

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday, and I had planned to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY in this blog, as she reads every day….however, I dashed out of bed (shortly after 4 am) and began labeling soaps and getting things set to rush to the little sale I was doing….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Mom! I hope you [...]

The Things We Do For Love….

Yesterday, I had a couple of minutes to fiddle around….nothing TOO important to do. So, I told Murphy we would have a little fun with the camera….note the expression “little fun”…..I tried to explain that we need to get a good picture for the CyberScots card exchange. Murphy could care less…..First, I tied a pretty [...]

Cannot Wait Til Friday!

Yes, I know…don’t be wishing time away, right? Well, every year, I sign up to exchange Christmas cards with my Scottie friends. This is always fun, as most people find cute little Scottie cards, and the cards usually begin arriving the first of December. What could be more fun than going to the mailbox and [...]

Somehow, I MUST Have Lost My Mind!

Sure, I hear you….she didn’t have a *whole lot* going on before! Ah well…. Late Thanksgiving night, after my family had gone home and we were relaxing (it was such a great day, after all!) Mark made the comment that perhaps we should get up *early* and go shopping…did I HEAR that right? We had [...]

Happy Thanksgiving!

I haven’t been able to post recently, as life seems to be moving so rapidly! Yikes! Today was a great Thanksgiving…we celebrated here at home with my parents and brother traveling to our house. This made things easier for us, as we have been running so much lately. It was nice to kind of catch [...]

It’s a Dog’s Life…..

Poor Angus. Poor Murphy. Why do they feel so sad? Well, let me give you a hint…..Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………………….Nope, not a bee. But, clippers!!! Unfortunately, one of the “downsides” of owning Scotties is that they need frequent maintenance in the *coat* department. Scotties have two coats. The outer layer is less thick than the inner layer. If [...]

What a Long Day…or, Was it Night?

Yesterday, we covered a lot of ground. We had basically winterized our camper, except we needed to empty our greywater and blackwater tanks. We discovered that a nearby (yeah, right….about 30 miles away!) town has an RV dump station located at their wastewater treatment plant. We decided to hitch up with the new truck and [...]

In Loving Memory…..

Of my father-in-law, Albert Catalano. No, it isn’t his birthday, or anything like that, but as I sat in the living room surrounded by the early morning darkness, I thought about him…. With the holidays coming up, I guess it is natural to think about my father-in-law, because his family was so very important to [...]

Eeeewwww! What an UGLY Day!

No kidding! This picture was taken from our front porch at noon today! The fog did eventually roll away for a couple of hours later in the day, but it is back again….along with drizzly, damp weather! For being a Monday, this day was somewhat quiet. I remember seeing a tee shirt a few years [...]

A Grand Way to Spend a Gloomy Day!

We adults often charge ourselves with being too “set in our ways”. You know the feeling….you sit and watch the same TV show, or perhaps sneak off after dinner to enjoy the ice cream that you have been nibbling at for a week….Somehow, this strange feeling of guilt creeps in, making you feel so awful. [...]