Finally, I Can Sit Down!

Monday is generally the craziest day of the week. I guess that is pretty much true with most people, but today was just a very busy day. By the time 9 am rolled around, I had made 2 small batches of soap, done two loads of laundry, and cleaned up the kitchen. I was pretty [...]

SInce I Feel Better Now

There are a ZILLION things I need to do! Thankfully, I have pre-packaged most of those Scottie dog soaps! I need to get a label made up for the soaps. I am putting them into kraft gift boxes filled with “French vanilla” colored paper shreds. The shreds will help keep the soaps from bouncing around [...]

Phew…..I *Think*

I thought I was over with the horrible stomach bug that was bothering me a few days ago, but it kept rearing its ugly head….over and over! Yesterday, I rammed through the day, determined NOT to be bothered by this stupid bug. I did fairly well. And, the culmination was when I made a four [...]

Tomorrow is Only a Day Away!

And, I am thankful for that! Yesterday was one those days when everything goes wrong. I have an account for which I am making 200 bars of soap. I have been working like a crazed soapier….get the soap out of the molds, then immediately rinse the mold and make another batch. I make rather small [...]

The Silence of the Morning

Ever since I can remmeber, I have always loved arising early in the morning before everyone else. In the autumn and winter months, I especially enjoy this, as it is still dark and it just makes things seem more “cozy” to me. This morning, I arose a little before 5:30 when I was greeted by [...]

My New Scottie Soap!

Ever since I bought my first Scottie mold several months ago, I have wracked my brain trying to think of the “perfect” scent to go with the soaps. Sometimes it seems like we streatch those old brain cells for nothing! One day, while replenishing our supply of black licorice Scottie candies at TJMax, it suddenly [...]

The Closing Days of Autumn?

The weatherman is saying that the warm weather we have been experiencing might well be coming to a close. So, I decided to take a few more pictures while there is still some color in the woods. This is what the woods behind the house look like now….how NAKED! But, we can see way up [...]

The New Ride

After spending several hours on the telephone the past few days, Mark worked out a deal for a new truck! He has been looking at these for quite some time, and we decided the time was finally right to grab one. We have driven quite a few different models of Chevy trucks over the past [...]

Angus and Murphy

I must say that the difference between my two Scotties is very noticeable. Angus tends to be rather “reserved” in many ways. He doesn’t get toys out to play and he rarely ever gets into mischief. He is, however, hysterical when he *thinks* he is on the trail of something! Murphy, on the other hand, [...]