So, What Do You Do…..

When the skies are dark and gloomy? Only one thing! Grab your Scotties and go for a RIDE! The “boys” love going for a ride, and we do, too! Angus looking up and wondering when we are going to leave for our ride….. And Murphy, always ready to go for a ride! The best thing [...]

Tree and Pans?

How’s that to pique your interest? Yesterday morning, I arose to see this pretty tree outside my window. The colors are so bright, it made it look like the sun was shining brightly! Alas, those beautiful leaves were about the *only* bright spot yesterday! Once the rain began, it didn’t stop all day. The weatherman [...]

I So Love The Autumn!

This weather has had me feeling so alive! I just love it when it is chilly and you need to put on a sweater and tug on a pair of socks! The air seems so crystalline and all of the dreadful humidity of summer is just a memory….. I headed off towards the woods today, [...]

Beautiful Day in the Bristolwood

It all began this afternoon when I looked out the kitchen window and saw that some of the Maples in the back yard were beginning to show some color…. I decided to wander out front to the road and see if our “special” Maple was putting on its fall extravaganza. This tree is REALLY pretty [...]

Got Spiders?

Ewwww…WHO actually *likes* spiders? Well, I am sure there is someone somewhere that does, but to me, they are a bit too “creepy”! This handsome specimen had spun a nice web with one tangent connecting from atop my mother-in-law’s house to a rhrododendron bush. The spider’s web was centered at about eye level and it [...]

A Friday Funny…..

When we took out little camping expedition to the Buffalo area last week, we stopped by a large craft and hobby store. They sold some of the coolest slot cars and train sets we have seen! On that note, they happened to have a real caboose sitting outside the store in the parking lot. After [...]

Feeling SO Much Better!!!

When I got up this morning, I could not believe how much better I felt! After having a terrible time trying to breathe last night, the contrast between last night and this morning was startling! I was able to do all of my normal work throughout the day today, and even ran out to do [...]

How DOES One Survive a Cold?

Right now, I am seriously thinking this isn’t *really* a cold. I am, after all freezing, then boiling, and feeling generally like someone parked a very large vehicle atop my body. Oh, I shall survive; I guess I am just a wimp when it comes to being sick! One of my symptoms is that the [...]

Before the Rain Comes Again

This afternoon when I came outside, I noticed this little fellow *hanging around* in a blue barrel I left outside! Isn’t it pretty? I just loved the stripes on the shell. When we first built the house, I went down to a local market store that sells vegetables, flowers, and local goodies. As I looked [...]

Back in the Saddle Again!

Well, figuratively speaking, anyway! We decided to finish up with our work a little early last Friday afternoon and head out for another camping adventure. No, the photo above is NOT our camper, but rather our VERY “close” neighbors. Shortly after we set up, these folks arrived with their cute little Aliner. We especially enjoy [...]