Aha! What season do you suppose this little plant reminds me of? Yuppers….I just love it when those little holly berries suddenly turn from green to their pretty red color! Yes, the temps are getting cooler at night and in the morning here in the Bristolwood….. I took the thermometer picture several hours after getting [...]

Murphy’s New Nightshirt

As I posted last night, Murphy has a new little nightshirt! I must say that Michelle didn’t spend a whole lot of time on this garment, as I think perhaps she knew Murphy wasn’t going to be too excited about it…. Upon completion, Michelle raced into the room, proudly holding up her newly formed masterpiece! [...]

Watching Summer Come to a Close….

I remember telling my mother several years ago, that the trees and greenery all seem to attempt one last “hurrah” during the closing weeks of August. It appeared to me that all the greens were making a courageous effort to try to avert the changing of the colors that were inevitable. My mom said she [...]

So, Here Are the Pics From Today…

I figured if I waited a bit, then tried to post these, Blogger would FINALLY let me post them. And, yes, they did! Here is a picture of one of the ponds hidden in the woods on the trails we explored earlier today. Here is another view. Mark was really encouraged when he saw these, [...]

Covered Lots of Miles Today!

Today was a rather busy day, and we seemed to relax and enjoy! The kids usually sleep in on Saturday morning, but since they called it a night early last night, I thought I would get them up early and take them to McDonald’s for breakfast. Ben loves the Big Breakfast, and it is a [...]

Good Grief!

I nearly forgot to post a picture of my lovely new Scottie quilt! This isn’t the greatest picture, as it is so hard to get a picture of the bed. The wall at the end of the bed has a steep slope, so tis a bit tough. The big pillow behind the little Scottie shaped [...]


I had a little fun this morning, playing with the camera, taking some more bee pictures! The camera that I am using is an Olympus C-5050. I have had this camera for nearly 3 years, but am just now beginning to figure our all the bells and whistles. It is a rather complex little bugger, [...]

Another Day…

With nothing exciting to talk about! Oh, wait, I did receive my new Scottie Dog quilt from Dillard’s today! What is so exciting about that (other than the fact that it has Scotties on it!) is that there isn’t a Dillard’s anywhere near here! Someone on one of the Scottie lists alerted everyone about these [...]

Funny Things…Telephones!

As I was lying on the bed, trying to just relax after a somewhat busy day (note I did not exactly say *industrious* day), my little cell phone began to ring. Feeling so tired, I was not motivated to answer, but far be it from me to ever leave a ringing phone to its own [...]

Whew! Busy Weekend…

This weekend was a lot of busy-ness, but a fun one! Yesterday, Mark and I celebrated our anniversary and today was my birthday. My parents came yesterday to celebrate, and they also watched the kids last evening so Mark and I could go out for dinner. Wow, we haven’t done that in a very long [...]