Good To Be Home!

We had a great time out wandering around NY state. There really is a lot of beauty to be found throughout the state. We spent some time looking in the Adirondacks and and as we drove we saw some breathtaking scenery. We passed through several small towns, including Cooperstown, home of the Baseball Hall of [...]

More About The Wind Generators

Well, I have decided to add some pics of the turbines we photographed and let them speak for themselves. We understand that Governor Pataki is pressing for more “green power”, IE, power from clean sources such as wind turbines. Many folks are opposed, because they feel that groupings of these (VERY large) structures becomes unsightly. [...]

Escape From The Bristolwood

We decided late the other night that a small adventure would be just the ticket! So, we packed up the camper and took off! We had been interested in the Tug Hill Plateau of NY, because we had read that it was friendly to ATV’s! That is hard to imagine, as in our own neck [...]

Another Hard Loss….

Just after I made my entry into my blog Friday night, I read email and discovered that Ruth had lost her little Megan earlier in the day. The pain of losing three pups in a little over a year has got to be so very overwhelming. I realize that losing a pup isn’t the same [...]

TGIF (Part II)

As stated previously, King Angus is not overly fond of his lowly subservient brother, Murphy. I guess were I forced to give Wee Murphy a fitting name, it should be “Murphy, the Innocent” for that is what he is! So, please examine the following photo, and pay attention to Angus ‘ (r) expression……… As you [...]

TGIF! (Part I)

This week has been kind of crazy and mixed up. We have been facing some “giants” lately, and it has been causing so much stress! Today, several things began to fall into place, and I thank the Lord for that! This morning, I went out on the front porch to water all of my plants, [...]

Where Did This Day Go?

This was one of those hurry and get nowhere FAST days! I got up and released some more of my Scottie soaps from their molds. I am pretty pleased with these soaps. They are a bit more work, as pouring soap into molded designs requires a bit of patience and some skill…trying to get them [...]

A Day of Gladness and Sadness

After Murphy and Angus and I went out this morning, I hurried and made up two batches of soap. The heat was already turned up…70 degrees at 5:30, and as I looked up into the woods, I could see the humidity in the air beginning to build. After cleaning up my soap mess, Murphy and [...]

Sometimes There Are Just No Words

This evening, when I opened my email, as I read a post from a dear friend to the Scottie world, my heart felt as though it would break. Ruth said that her dear little Scottie girl, Megan, was diagnosed with an inoperable cancer. Then, there was another letter from Ruth. This one told about her [...]

How I Spent My Day…

Well, I could grumble and complain. I absolutely do *not* enjoy hot weather. Give me December, January, and even February cold, and I promise I will not complain about the cold. But heat? Ugh. Today, after doing my orders and some things around the house, we decided to take look at ATV’s. Today’s venue was [...]